Top Set

Top Set slows the drying of the floor surface, allowing enough time to achieve excellent finishes. Top Set maintains the necessary surface moisture on floors exposed to quick-drying environmental conditions such as high temperatures, strong winds and direct exposure to the sun’s rays.


Top Set Rotec
  • Reduces cracks caused by plastic shrinkage.
  • Allows more time for finishing because the surface remains plastic for longer.
  • Reduces evaporation of surface moisture by 80% in wind, and 40% in sun.
  • It does not alter the color of the floor or the compression resistance, durability, or abrasion resistance.
  • Does not affect the use of membrane cures.
  Presentation and performance:
Top Set is presented in a 4-liter container with an approximate yield of 6 square meters per liter. Said performance presents substantial variations because the use of Top Set will depend on weather conditions and the user's concrete placement practices. Therefore, performance should be taken as a nominal reference only.
Top Set Guía Rotec

How to use:

Apply Top Set on the surface of the concrete in a plastic state with any type of sprinkler or sprayer, taking care that the entire surface is covered.