ColorFull is a concentrated admixture that provides color to fresh concrete formulated with highly stable, high purity pigments that do not discolor and provide uniform coloration throughout the thickness of the concrete.



Colorfull Rotec
ColorFull is used for coloring concrete blocks and pavers, architectural precast, concrete floors and ceilings, columns and beams, and any other concrete elements that will be used in interior or exterior applications.

An alternative to provide color to the entire thickness of the concrete in beautiful pastel tones, it is easy to apply obtaining a great saving of time in installation, there is no waste of material and maintains the properties for the good handling of the concrete.

Bags of 5, 10 and 15 kg depending on the color. 12 colors available with a wide range of pastel tones.
Colorfull Color Rotec
  • Limestone
  • Yellowstone
  • New Mexico
  • Coral
  • Peach
  • Madera
  • Tobacco
  • Arizona Red
  • Moongray
  • Rio Verde
  • Steel
  • Eclipse
Colorfull Guía Rotec
  • Mix the contents of the ColorFull bag directly into the concrete mixer.
  • The mixture will result in the color provided by ColorFull.
  • Apply to the surface
  • Give it the finish of your choice.
  • What was once gray concrete is now concrete with life.
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