RotecWax is an excellent water based acrylic floor wax, highly resistant to abrasion from pedestrian traffic. Provides a mirror like high gloss and resistance to scuffing and black heel marks. It can easily be buffed to bring back the original luster.

Physical Properties.

Appearance                                          Milky white liquid
Viscosity                                               50cps
pH                                                          8.7
Specific gravity                                     1.1
Flammability                                           Non-flammable
Compatibility with water                        Miscible
Freeze/thaw stability                             Excellent

Typical Applications.

Rotec Floor Finish Wax can be used on a variety of smooth surfaces including.
Rotec Floor Finish Wax is highly recommended for office floors, hospitals floors, bus and airport terminals, auto show rooms, museums and display centers.

Recommended Usage.

Use Rotec Floor finish Wax as is. Do not dilute with water or any other substance. Apply liberally to the surface either by spray, mop or other means. Give enough time (depending on temperature and humidity) for it to adhere to the floor. Once completely dry, use a high speed-buffing machine to enhance gloss. Rotec Floor Finish Wax is strippable. Use Rotec Wax Stripper to remove old wax.

Safety Precautions.

Eyes and skin irritant. If swallowed, can cause serious nausea, abdominal pain and can also be fatal. Flush effected areas with plenty of water. Seek medical attention if symptoms persist. If swallowed seek medical attention immediately.


Rotec Wax is available in 1 gallon containers. Coverage: 2,000 sqf.


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