Polyfibra is a polypropylene fiber added to fresh concrete to protect against plastic shrinkage cracking. Eliminates the need for wire mesh and reduces labor costs. Polyfibra is a low denier monofilament fiber that mixes with the concrete mass creating a very effective multi-directional secondary reinforcement.

Polyfibra is available to reinforce non-structural concrete applications with superior results.


Fibrous reinforcement is primarily used to reduce plastic shrinkage cracking in non-structural concrete applications.


Ideal for stamped concrete, conventional flatwork and precast applications. Fibrous reinforcement reduces concrete slab cracking, permeability and flaking or spalling. Always positioned properly, uniformed distribution of fibers through the concrete mixture assures proper placement of the reinforcement. Improves surface durability.


Polyfibra is available in 1.3 lb bags.

Physical Properties.

    Material                   100% virgin polypropylene
    Length                     19 mm
    Denier                      3
    Color                        neutral
    Specific gravity        0.9
    Tensile strength       5,626 kg/cm2


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